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7 minutes and counting.

Yayness, I got 7 minutes to type this before I have to find my shoes, run to my car, drive to work and get ready to serve hundreds of drinks until at least 3 in the morning. Yep it's event season again at the hotel >.<

Past two days were quite interesting. Yesterday I got a haircut (chaotic spike madness!), finally wrapped up all my tax issues (and now we wait for the verdict), I bought Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code (must be a superb thriller. I especially love it when facts are woven into the fiction) and drove to pegla's work. And then the Peppy-Goes-To-Pegla virus struck again. EVERY TIME I go to Hilversum (or Zandvoort for his Con) I get stuck in horrible trafficjams, detours and end up on closed off roads. Not good for bloodpressure.

BUT... in the end I found his 'office', I got a tour of the facilities (it's a CD/DVD mastering studio where they also make graphics, titlemenu's, etc.) and after that we went for a quick bite in Hilversum. When arriving at his place, he showed (or rather: he let me hear) the Japanese version of the Lion King, along with a lot of facts about the language spoken by the characters (with thanks to joseb, a Spanish guy who happens to speak Japanese fluently, go figure :D). Then, we drove to a friend of his so Pegla could fix a computer problem while I had a mighty interesting discussion about Jewism and the Israel vs. Palestina conflict with that friend, who also got me to taste Kosher Israelian vodka (!)

Back at Pegla's place he helped me discover the source of my Bluetooth problems (my mobile phone needs a bloody firmware upgrade *&$%&*#!!*) and so I rewarded him with a viewing of Kill Bill vol. 1. Before we knew it, it was past 2 am, so I crashed at his place, got up again around 8 am to get to Eindhoven for another Musical rehearsal.

_graywolf_, you should be getting 4 presents from me this weekend. Make sure you count 'em, cos the delivery boy was already drooling over one of them >:)
jonesybunny, I gave Rez to Pegla. Never managed to finish it >.<
thailyI dropped off two of your CD's at Pegla's place, and lateron I remembered there are still a dozen in my car. D'oh!

But around 8.30 am the troubles started. I couldn't find my carkeys. We searched P's car and apartment, found a lot of interesting things, but no keys. About 30 minutes into the search, I saw my jacket hanging over a chair, having forgotten that I brought it into the apartment. Guess where my keys were? Right. I'm getting Alzht... Alhz... Ahtlzhei.... What was I saying again?

So, I arrived at the rehearsal 45 mins late, but it still was a good one luckily. Next stop, visiting my friend Koan at the America Today store. Unfortunately the regional manager wasn't there, but I got a quick tour of the store and then it was time for me to go already. I flashed by mom and dad's, dropped off the DVD's I borrowed from Dad, and zoomed towards home.

Eek, I should've been gone already! skunktaur, good to see you back home!

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