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I'm getting close to finishing Final Fantasy X-2 on 100%. My next session will involve catching Chocobos and get them through a series of go-to-calm-lands-and-return to open up a secret dungeon where I can finally get my Episode Complete after failing to properly finish the Publicity sidequest in the Calm Lands. Chocobo's. Hah. Big fucking canaries on speed if you ask me.

In totally unrelated news, I was woken up this morning by a phonecall: mom. Ever since I left home almost 10 years ago she still manages to do that to me on a regular basis. She and dad just got back from a holiday so she wanted to get a full update from me. Yes, I'm fine. No, haven't found a new job yet. Yes, I'm doing my best trying to find one. Yes, I know that it's taking a long time..... Does this scenario sound familiar? Please tell me that other parents can be just as obnoxious, even if they mean it well.

In the evening, the phone rings again. This time it's my longtime galpal Koan, who's now being trained for her new job as a Storemanager for a fashion-chain called America Today. She just wanted to let me know that the company's looking hard for a new Storemanager and Ass. Storemanager for their big-ass store in Eindhoven. If I was interested, she could put a good word in for me. That was 30 mins ago. I have NO idea if I'd like it, especially since I've never worked in a store, and since jobs like that are always judged by their sales/budgets/targets. According to her it's a great job with a great team. It's just that I'm not her. I've agreed to visit her store next Saturday, and she'll introduce me to the Regional Manager. It doesn't hurt to meet the guy, right?

The closer the Dreaded Date of June 1st gets, the more uneasy I become. Unemployment is on the rise again in Holland, so there'll be more people fighting for less jobs. I worry too much, but most of the time I worry for good reasons.

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