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Saturdays.. Oy.

08.30 alarmclock goes off
09.45 I finally manage to leave the house to go visit singing teacher
11.30 I arrive in Nuenen where she lives. I'm 30 mins late. She doesn't mind, we have pancakes first (mmm, breakfast)
15.00 I finally manage to leave her place, 2 hours late. Her PC was dead slow and infested with pop-ups. So after running Ad-aware and Spybot (220 data miners, registry changes and cookies!!!) and installing an antivirus proggie, I was reassured enough to leave.
15.30 Fill up tank and have a sandwich at a gas station. Balance: - 15.75
16.00 Pick up two crates of Holland's best Aspargus at uncle's fitnesscentre
16.30 At grandma's for tea and cake. She also slips me a twenty euro note. Balance: + 4.25
17.00 At grandpa's for a Jagermeister. He donates 20 Euro's. Balance + 24.25

17.30 I race from Limburg back to Noordwijk where I have to drop off one of the crates with aspargus.
18.30 Quick snack at a gasstation. Febo for the dutchies. Yech. Balance: + 17.70
19.20 I hand over the crate of aspargus. Next goal: radiostudio in Monster for the radioshow.
20.15 I arrive at studio 15 minutes late.
22.00 After show, into the car for another drive, this time to The Hague for a visit to the casino, where a bunch of friends have gathered.
22.30 I arrive at casino, pay entry fee. Balance: + 14.20
01.00 Group leaves casino. I won 25 Euro's, but had to spend 6 on my parking ticket. Balance: + 33.20
01.15 Group lands at a cafe along the boulevard of Scheveningen. Snacks and drinks are ordered.
03.00 Group leaves the cafe, I go to pick up my car, promising to drop a few off in Leiden. Balance: +22.20
04.00 I finally find my bed. Coma-like state entered.

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