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The Not So Good week

- Why do women still insist on wearing cheap, sticky lipstick when there are so many better ones out there? Life as a bartender would be twice as easy if it weren't for checking EVERY glass, mug and cup for lipstickmarks, even after putting them through the dishwasher.

- The Dutch IRS (Tax Office) claims to have never received my papers for 2002, although I'm absolutely positive that I sent them by mail. They therefor 'estimated' my income for that year and decided to send me a nice little bill for nearly EUR 1000 (that's close to 1200 US$) which they still expect me to pay. I'm supposed to file an official complaint now and send them ANOTHER copy of my papers for 2002. Anyway, it scared me quite a lot. My bank account is yo-yoing around the 0 mark, and having to pay that sum would mean having to spend my holiday bonus on taxes in stead of holiday.

- Remember the girl I talked about a short while ago? I tried to take her out for dinner. She thanked me for the offer, but refused because 'she feels that my intentions for the offer don't coincide with hers', or something along those lines. Oh well, at least I know where I stand now. I just don't know if I should be glad she's so direct and honest, or disappointed that she doesn't give me the benefit of the doubt and let me buy her dinner.

- They say that for every person, there's a perfect partner somewhere in the world. What if mine's a lesbian? :D

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