Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

More interesting if you're dutch

The following names will probably mean nothing to you, unless you're dutch or unless you're a soccer fan.
Bram Moscowitzsch, Ronald Waterreus, Marc Overmars, Willem van Hanegem, Harry Mens, Roy Makaay, Frank de Boer and Pierre van Hooijdonk all thanked me in the past two days.

After I served them their drink ;)

In other news: I discovered how to change the email-addy with which you log on to MSN Messenger. And then I discovered that Messenger doesn't automatically transfer your contacts, like ICQ does. So... I now have an empty friends list.
And here's your chance: look for rob (at) hobbyserver /dot/ com with your MSN messenger and add me, so I can add you in return.
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