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The following takes place between 2am and 3am

I'd might as well move to the states, since my body seems to be running on EST (Eastern Standard Time, 6 hours earlier than dutch CET time). It's 2am again and I'm not sleepy.

First things first:
A warm welcome to kandra and lady_britt! I feel so loved :)
While I was busy rummaging around in my LJ info I updated my biography as well. Not much has changed, just a few details.

Hey celtic_man, since last saturday, I am the owner of a bottle of Bushmills 16 year old rare Irish Whiskey. Matured on port, sherry and bourbon barrels. There was a sale at the liquorstore: 20 percent off all whiskeys. I couldn't resist. My wallet bleeds, but my mind is happy. :)

One of my best friends passed her driver's exam two weeks ago. I still owe her a present for that, and a few days ago I discovered I totally forgot about her birthday! I have to come up with something REALLY good to make up for all this.

Mom and dad are on holiday at the moment, getting a tan on Aruba, visiting mom's best friend. That means that Jeroen (li'l brother) is in charge of the parental house now for three weeks. My guess is that it's gonna turn into a pigsty over the next few weeks and that he'll desperately try to clean up his mess one day before parents fly back.

Cool lyrics of the day: "I sold my soul to the devil and the devil came back for more. Well, I'm in need of some cash, so what's he waiting for?"
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