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I need a holiday

My friends, you post too much! Every time I log on to LJ, I've got about 100 friendsposts to go through (and yes, I read them all, even though I don't reply to all of them!). :)

Anyway, life is slowly improving on this side. Weather's picking up, temperatures rising bit by bit. I even dared to go to work by bike last week (saddle pain, aieee!). 6 more weeks until unemployment. Yech.

On a positive note: had rehearsal for the Caribbean Cocktail musical last saturday. Seems that a company bought all the tickets for one of the five planned shows. The saturday night show is now sold out!! OMGWTF!!!11!! The first half of the musical is coming together nicely. I especially enjoy the 8 girls dancing around me most of the time :)

Monday was spent in De Efteling, Holland's biggest theme park. It was so quiet that there were no queues, oh bliss. In fact, we were allowed to stay in our seats with most of the rollercoasters, how about that? We = me, a good friend of mine, her sister, sister's friend and friend's friend. Or... me with 4 girls. I must've looked like quite the stud. Or pimp, hehehe. In any case, it turned out that sister's friend (Ilse) has a LOT in common with me. She sings, she plays in musicals, she likes Disney... We talked quite a lot that day. I hope she likes me, cos she seems like a very nice girl, both in looks as in character. Oh well, I have her phonenumber, so I'll try a text message one of these days. Keep your fingers crossed.

That's all I can think of. OMG, it's 2:42 am. I must learn to let go of my laptop.


Apr. 21st, 2004 12:10 am (UTC)
I especially enjoy the 8 girls dancing around me most of the time :)
Is this on or off stage? :P

And crossing my fingers. ;)


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