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Booyakasha! I don't visit LJ for 3 days and I have over a 100 friends post to go through! I have too many friends :D Not that I mind, mind you.

Few shoutouts:
- skunktaur, get well soon! If you DON'T take those shots, could you get the value paid out in cash? ;)
- _graywolf_, did you get Lais' Douce Victime yet? I managed to download their first album.
- bander, did you submit art for Yiff, The Card Game, or is that another Bander?

In other news:
> Last tuesday I had another session at the career councellor. Since I have a rich imagination, love to work with kids and love to perform, he thinks it might be worth looking into a job at a themepark, or a company that organises themed dinners/weekends/parties etc.
> Went for my 6th blooddonation today. In case you're not doing it yet: save lives, people! Give blood.
> After a few weeks of little sleep and many negociations, my parents have finally made their decision. Mom and dad are now the proud owners of an apartment in Alanya, Turkey. We now have a holiday address of our own, 200 metres from the mediterranean sea, somewhere on the eastside of the town. I can't wait to go check it out. It'll be another two months before it's completely finished, though.
> I bought a new pair of glasses: 319 euro's. Kaching. Ouch. Since I'm legally blind (a term the optician suddenly used) I have to get ultrathin glasses, otherwise I'd have bottoms of jambottles on my nose.
> We have new roomies! Colleagues Gerben and Sarah (a lovely couple). As a sort of celebration I cooked a three course meal yesterday. They're still talking about it today. Not that I can cook, but at least I have enough skills not to burn anything.
> Tried to bring my old portable mp3 player back to life today. It desperately needs new rechargable batteries. The old ones don't last beyond an hour anymore.

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