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When at the radiostudio, I explained to the other DJ that I've just had a week with absolutely no energy and no willpower to do anything useful. He said, "Well, that's the basic description of a depression." It kinda scared me. I, Mr. Positive himself, Mr. Glass half full, depressed? I mean, it can happen that I have a bad day, but I refuse to accept that I've had an official depression. So that's why I'm gonna put more attention to the good things in life.

- I've started on my diet again. Next goal: 80 kg.
- Last saturday was the first rehearsal for the Caribbean musical I'm gonna star in. I managed to do an overwhelming four-step dance routine :D. So far we've sold enough tickets for 5 shows, and it's almost half a year to go still. Who knows, we might end up performing two weeks in a row. Or tour the country :)
- Saw Catch Me If You Can yesterday. Was quite amusing....
- While at work, two men sat down at my bar and started drinking quite a number of beers. After about 10 beers each, one of them asked if I wanted to come work in their bar. So I asked 'which bar is that?'. Turns out that these two men were the owners of the most exclusive men's club (*coughcoughwhorehousecoughcough*) in The Hague. They offered me 300 Euro's a night, plus tips. AND, as a welcoming bonus, they offered me some free fun with one of the girls o.O I just smiled at them and thanked them for the offer. I didn't take it seriously, given the amount of alcohol already imbibed. How's that for an indecent proposal? :D

That's all for now. Hope to be able to add work- and love-related items soon. Soon, as in before the end of the year :D

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