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Shameless selfplugging

I hadn't yet corrected my mobile phone to summertime (Daylight saving time) and so I woke up an hour later than expected. And as a result, was late for work. D'oh!
Nothing eventful happened, went to the tanningstudio, then on to the radiostudio.

Since Roger (head DJ) can't do a live show tomorrow, we prerecorded it today. He was feeling under the weather (a cold, most likely) so.... I got to do the last hour of the show. Yay me!

So, go to Monsterhits FM website and you'll hear me hosting the show today (Saturday) between 9pm and 10pm CET (that's 3pm to 4pm EST).

If you're fluent in Dutch, I'd like to hear what you think of it. If you're not, you can at least hear what my voice sounds like ;)
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