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And another week gone down the drain

Last weekend I've been to my first, and probably last LAN-party. Imagine 250 computer-nerds sitting in a big gymhall with their monstertowers. Some gaming, some watching anime, filesharing pr0n, burning tons of illegal DVD's, etc. etc. Three days. In a gymhall, with a separate section for people trying to sleep, and with a few showers (that were hardly used, guessing by the clouds of deodorant hanging in the hall).

The games were fun, I'll admit that (Battlefield 1942, Counterstrike, Unreal 2004, etc.), but I felt old and totally out of place between those scriptkiddo's and stereotypical overweight-black-T-shirt-wearing-clanmember-gameaddicts. I wonder if the word 'daylight' or 'fresh air' means anything to them :D

In other news, our country has buried the Queen Mum, who died at the respectable age of 94.

Not much else to report, working behind the bar again, got a new appointment with the councellor next week, haven't seen any promising job-ads yet. At least I'm safe until May 23d.

Also, my thoughts go out to _graywolf_. Get well soon, hon.

And damn you, friend-whose-name-I-won't-mention-here for getting me this April Fools day. You know who you are, you meanie!

To do list includes laundry, taxes, giving blood, councelling homework and financial administration. I don't think I'll get any of this done today. My energy is at an all time low for some reason. I also need to start visiting the gym again. And work on my tan.


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