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Three week update!? OMGWTF!

Three whole weeks without updates. I just couldn't find the time and/or energy. Now it's 1am, I'm in my bed, writing on my laptop in the dark, headphones on my head, Jacques Brel cursing the sailors from Amsterdam.... I think I can better break this entry down in topics.

Today would have been my last working day at the hotel after 18 months. Through the Grace of the Head of Human Resources, I've been allowed to stay another two months, in the hotel's tea lounge. I've worked there before; it's either dead as a mouse or busy as hell, but it should be fun to be talking to guests directly again. In the mean time I can finish my sessions with the councellor and discover what I want to do. Still too many options to choose from. I'd love to find a job that would allow me to travel a lot, see the world. I'd die in a cubicle.

Spare time:
...for as far I have it ;) I went to see Lais with _graywolf_ last Friday. You can read about everything that went wrong in her LJ, but I think all in all she had a nice evening. She has good musical taste in any case :) Next weekend I'm gonna be locked up in a gymhall with 300 other nerds for my first big LANparty. I'm gonna get my virtual ass whooped by kiddo's half my age with PC's worth three paychecks. The preparations for the Caribbean Cocktail musical are underway. Soon I'll have to be able to sing in spanish while dancing. Dear Lord, help me now.

Nothing exciting to report. I'm getting mixed signals from a nice girl at work. One day we're kidding around on the job, the other day she doesn't seem to notice me. I am SO out of the dating game. I can't even remember that I was ever IN it :) I'm not gonna push anything. If she's really interested, she'll come up to me one of these days. I've given enough signals these past few weeks. Furthermore there's two girls on the net with whom I'm hitting it off rather well. No idea if I'll ever meet one (or both?) of them? The one in the UK more likely than the one in Sunny California.

What money? :D

STILL looking for a new roomie. Even though someone has shown interest in the vacant room, she's not gonna get it. She's the manager of the beauty center at the hotel, she's in her late thirties and she's (to put it mildly) emotionally unstable. She's currently staying in the staff hotel, where she regularly wakes up people in the middle of the night to tell her depressing stories to while she cries her eyes out. Needless to say I value my sleep.

Now my brother is joining in on the Give Parents Grey Hair operation. The bar/restaurant where he's chef is not doing as well as initially anticipated. His friend's father owns the place and his friend runs it. Lately the number of guests has been dropping while the costs are only rising. The father has taken over for the moment to cut costs. One of his plans is to put my brother on the payroll per hour instead of a set monthly wage. I wouldn't be surprised if Jeroen (bro) bids them all good riddance and takes a plane back to Spain.

Haven't been to the gym in weeks. I'm on the gain again. Bah. Been struggling with a cold for a while now. I've finally made the switch from hard contactlenses to soft ones. They're much more comfortable, but I can wear them for only 12 hours max, and they're HELL to remove from your eyes.

In closing: I want to thank everyone who's gotten this far reading my ramblings :) Just 2 more months until I'm gonna see The Lion King musical for the third time, but this time in Dutch and with my parents. Is this normal behaviour for a 26 year old guy? Probably not, but I've always been an interesting (read: complex) person. Another example: I have a disco CD collection that would rock any gay party. I'm straight.
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