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Money, money, money

Finances keep troubling me. I can't seem to get back out of the red. These past few months I've been constantly in debt with the bank. Luckily I have an account that doesn't need to be positive at the end of the month, but still..... It hurts when you know that your paycheck is in and that you're still on the wrong side of the line. I should really make a list to see where my money is going. Stuff like rent, but also subscriptions, insurance.... It's not like I have a hole in my hand, I'm never a big spender. It's just that a lot of small amounts spent on luxuries add up pretty quickly. PS2 game here, PC keyboard there. Good thing I don't smoke and hardly go out. I know my parents would help me out if I told them. I won't. I'm still too proud to ask for help. I've done it once last month, asking for help when I didn't know what to do anymore with my job and my life. I'm glad I did, but I refuse to step up to my parents and say "Hey, I spent too much on stuff I didn't really need. Can you bail me out?"

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I've downloaded a few albums.
Now in my winamp:
Royksopp - Melody A.M. (Ambient Electronic, think Air, but with more bleeps. Highlights: Eple, Poor Leno, Remind me)
Junior Senior - D-d-don't stop the beat (Happy, groovy, funky electronics from Scandinavia. Hit: Move your feet. Other highlights: Go Junior Go Senior, Chicks & Dicks)
Tricky - Blowback (Dark beats from England. Hit: Evolution Revolution Love [With Ed Kowalcyk from Live])
Basement Jaxx - Rooty (If you don't know these guys, you don't know what good music is. Where's your head at, Romeo, Get Me Off)
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