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I am pooped

Friday, last day in Facility department. The next three weeks will be spent in Banqueting, and then my contract ends officially. Possibility for an extra two months is being negotiated

Saturday: Mini Lan party in Leiden. Had fun with Half Life and Counterstrike, then packed my stuff, had a quick (greasy) dinner somewhere at a highway-side snackbar, then went to pick up people in Hilversum for Greywolf's birthday party in Lelystad. A great party was had, Duncan the pet ferret was cuddled to a coma *zzzzz*, and a few drinks, snacks and sketches later, it was time to go home again. After dropping Jonesy, Thaily and Ryu off at their respective homes, I managed to reach home with my last ounce of consciousness and dropped on my bed at 3.20 am. Zonk.

Sunday. Lazy, don't want to do anything. I managed to do my assignments for the councellor, but that's probably the only thing worth mentioning. Muesli and yoghurt for dinner (yay for calory control ;)

24 still rocks my socks with every new episode. Holy guacemole.
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