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So much to do in so little time

Dear Rob,

this is your conscience speaking. Aren't you a little overbooked this weekend? I mean... tonight you have to race to the Hague to pre-record the radioshow, tomorrow you'll be with the gamesociety in Leiden all day for a mini-LAN party, and after that you have to drive up and down to Lelystad for _graywolf_'s birthday!

Yes, I know you like to meet her, and that you wrapped the presents. I'm not telling you NOT to go. By all means, I'm sure you'll have a great time. The only reason I'm telling you this is that you're supposed to finish an entire book with Difficult Questions and assignments by mondaymorning, since you have that appointment with the counceling office at 10am.

Oh yeah, then there's the money part. You still haven't found a new roommate, meaning you have to cough up half the rent for the empty room for ANOTHER month. Seeing that your contract ends March 23d, it would be highly advisable to get off your butt and put some more effort in getting that room occupied. You're lucky that you can pump your paid holidaytime into your debt for your laptop.

So, not to ruin the fun, but you might need to find a better balance between social activities and getting your professional life back on track. Have a nice weekend, say hi to everyone for me.

Yours sincerely,
Your conscience
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