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I've been to the job councellor, I got two books filled with Tough Selfreflecting Questions that I'm required to work through. I've told my superiors at work that I'm going through with the councelling. I've had a pretty emotional talk with my parents.

Officially, this friday will be my last working day at the hotel. After that I have a few weeks of paid holiday time still left over. Unofficially, I'll hopefully get a two-month contract in one of the restaurants or banqueting to help me pay my bills while finding a new job and receiving councelling. In any case, finding a new job is less important than finishing this careermanagement/selfdiscovery course. I'd rather take time to get to know myself and my capabilities while being unemployed, than desperately take a new job I don't really like, only to run into trouble with myself again.

So... if one were to ask me: how are you doing? The answer would be:
I'm lonely, I have no money, I'm out of a job and I don't know what to do with myself. BUT I still have my good health and my smile.

We still haven't found a new roommate yet. Another 200 Euro's down the drain next month >.< Spare time is currently killed with Sly Raccoon and SSX3 on PS2. Next week Rick'll surely buy FF X-2, so at least we have an escape from our dreadful reality :D
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