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The dust has settled

One hour in the office with Boss and HR lady. I am SO glad I gave them that newspaper article.

I won't bother with all the details, but here's some highlights

- I won't be getting a new contract in my present function as Facility Officer.
- Boss is very sympathetic and thinks I should stop trying to get a management-job, since my XI hampers my ability to communicate on the same level as 'my staff', plus I'm too soft for the hard businessworld (I'm not the kind of guy to go shouting at others "I need those figures yesterday!")
- Boss suspects that consultancy would be a perfect area for me, since it would use my qualities of problem-solving and quick understanding. Hospitality consultancy would of course be even better. I work better when I don't have cold, hard targets that I have to reach (30 salescalls a week, or 5000 bucks weekly profit in the restaurant)
- He applauds my decision of getting outside help (from the XI career councelling office) and is sure I'll find my way
- My contract ends March 28, but I still have about 3 weeks of paid vacation time to use, so probably I'll be 'available' from the beginning of March
- Boss and HR lady understand that I've only just discovered what's the matter with me, and will help me in any way they can to land me a great job, suited for me. In the mean time, they'll investigate the possibility of putting me back in the restaurant for a few months to bridge the gap between discovery of the 'problem' and solution. They understand I need to pay my bills while I'm looking for a new job. Kudos to them.

So, the chances are slim that I'll be able to build a career at the hotel, but thanks to the article we all discovered what could be a (major) part of my work-related problems. I'm not out of trouble yet, but the fact that Boss and HR lady are sympathetic and want to help me, takes a lot of worries away. I think my parents will also be relieved.

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