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Gifted or cursed?

Due to illness and injury with the shop-staff, I'm once again looking after the hotel's gift shop today. I already sold two newspapers, toothpaste and a pantyhose. Last week I was also sentenced to two days in the shop, and in the mean time I was asked to count a huge pile of consumption-tickets. 13.628 if anyone is wondering. I am so fed up with this.

I have my final evaluation in half an hour. I did my best to tie up all loose ends that I still have with regards to my tasks. In the mean time, my parents got in contact with people who know people, etc... and they sent me a newspaper article that really opened my eyes. In short: it turns out that one third of gifted people (high intelligence) suffer with work-related problems, since their bosses (and often they themselves) don't realise that they come with their own set of wants and not-wants.

Yes, I am 'gifted'. It's not something I normally talk about, since so far it has only influenced my life in a negative way. When I was 5 or 6, my parents sent me to a university student who tested me for XI (eXtra Intelligence, a 'nicer' term than 'gifted'.). The test came out positive, and it turned out that I was so fascinated with gathering knowledge (reading books, watching the news) that I never went to play outside or tried to make friends in school.

I thought it was just a phase, and that XI wouldn't hinder me having a 'normal' life. In fact, I graduated from college with fairly average grades. But then, out of school and into the working-class, things started to go wrong. Every job I had since graduating became boring after a while, be it 6 or 24 months, it always happened. Because of my XI, I have certain quirks or 'twitches', one of them being that I'm an open book, emotionally. I don't (or can't?) hide my emotions, and when I'm bored, people notice that immediately. It hampers my ability to do my job.

So, anyway, I made a copy of that article and gave it to the head of our HR department, who'll also be joining the evaluation chat. I hope she understands my problem and will actually help me with staying at the hotel, rather than getting rid of me because I didn't function properly in the last two jobs I had here.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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