Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

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- I'm eating wholewheat biscuits
- I just finished a bowl of home-made tomato-vegetable soup
- I'm getting better at GTA 3
- Tomorrow I'm getting a payraise
- I spent a few hours sitting outside in the sun on a terrace, drinking a beer and eating tapas with some close friends
- Parents are OK, on holiday in Turkey, having the time of their lives
- I got meat out of the freezer, so I can make pasta in an hour or so
- Holland is not taking part in the soccer World Championships

Bottom line: Life is good right now. According to Murphy's law, this'll probably mean that shit'll hit the fan tomorrow. I don't care. I have a little bubble of happiness right here, right now and I'm gonna enjoy myself until someone pops it.
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