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What to do?

Another six days since my last update. How time flies when you're having fun. And even when you're not having fun. I'll just throw all my news onto one big random pile. I'm not in the right state of mind right now to write a fluent story.

- The past week at work went as follows: Monday off, tuesday data entry drone, wednesday data entry drone, thursday filling in for the injured shop-lady (Meaning I spent my entire day in the hotel gift shop where I sold three magazines and a tube of toothpaste. Talk about a wasted day) and friday helping out in Operations as the hotel was flooded with blue blooded aristocrats for the 'Vienna Ball'.

- About the Vienna Ball: Think of it as the rich man's prom night. All the aristocrats come together one night a year so that they can celebrate the fact that they have a title, AND for the 'new generation' to meet each other. The night starts of with the 'Debutants Ball', where all the 18/19-y-o boys and girls do a traditional waltz on the dancefloor. The idea behind this dates back to the 1700's where balls were used as an excuse for a datingnight /slash/ weddingauction. Nowadays there are no more weddings prearranged at these balls, but the tradition of the debutants remains. As soon as the waltz is over, all the young ones go to the club downstairs to flirt and get drunk, while their parents and former debutants dance and drink in the ballroom. It shouldn't come as a big surprise that the Dutymaanager spends the rest of the night trying to get horny, humping teenagers out of the public toilets, hotel hallways and any other place where their hormones take them. At breakfast the next morning, there's not a single virgin among them anymore :D Crazy rich people, go figure.

- ABN Amro bank sent me a nice letter that they don't see any possibilities for me working for them. Bah.

- Weekend: Lazy saturday, wanted to go to the tanning-studio, arrived at a closed door, just my luck. Roomie bought Onimusha 2 on PS2, so wasted a few hours on that game. At night, another radioshow. Brought my laptop this time to do some chatting during the show. Thanks go out to thaily, hiryu and bander for keeping me company.

- Going back home I got pulled over by the police only one block from my house. They wanted to know what I was doing at an industrial estate around midnight on a saturdaynight. "I live here". They only believed me after checking out my driver's licence :D I suspect thaily has something to do with it...

- The job opening as Front Office Manager I was interested in (Stayokay hostels) has disappeared from their website. Bah.

- Sunday: Briefing for the Caribbean Cocktail Revue. Yep, it's official now, in september I'm gonna star in a Caribbean musical sing and dance show. Think Bananaboat Song, La Bilirrubina, If I had a hammer, Guantanamera, Stir it up, etc. etc. This is gonna be one big production! Might launch my career in theater ;) Who needs Popidols?

- After that, visit to mom and dad. Turned out they had visitors, two aunts and uncles with the nephews and nieces. While the kids were upstairs, the rest of us got talking about me and my work, and I couldn't lie anymore. I had The Big Talk with my parents about how I don't like my current job, that I don't think I'll get a new contract, how much pain I feel about not living up to expectations (from boss as well as parents). Mom and I shed a few tears. Now, looking back on it, I feel releived that it's finally off my chest. My parents know the truth, and no matter what happens, they support me. It doesn't matter to them if I leave the hotelbusiness, if I get a new job in a totally different direction. They want me to be happy, and if I can't be happy in the most luxurious hotel in the country, then so be it. So what if it messes up my resume, so what if I have to start over all again? This past year I've learnt a lot about myself, including the fact that I am very bad at coping with negative feedback. It's a recurring theme. Every job I've had so far, ended because I didn't live up to the expectations. I don't want this anymore....

- I think I got 'flashed' for speeding on the highway on the way home. Bah, another 28 Euro's down the drain (less than 10 kph over the limit)

- Monday: at work again. I actually got some fun assignments! Could this be a glinster of hope?

On a side note. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THAILY! How's your bonsai?

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