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Still struggling at work. I've been given a ton of data-entry work, most likely to keep me busy until my next evaluation when they'll tell me I'm not getting a new contract. Yes, despite trying to show some commitment I'm not getting anything remotely interesting to pour my energy into. So, I fully expect that they'll let me go and that the decision has already been made without giving me a chance to redeem myself.

Therefor, the jobhunt is back on. I've sent my resume to ABN-AMRO bank, to see if I can find something there. Office hours, better pay and I can put my logical, analytical brain to better use perhaps. I'm good with people, math and languages, so I *should* fit in there just nicely. I sent my resume last thursday, haven't heard back from them yet.

Other option is the position for front- and backoffice manager at the local YMCA (which is quite luxurious for YMCA standards. 4 star!). Haven't applied yet, but I think I'm gonna write them a nice letter tonight. In the unlikely event of getting my contract renewed, I can always break off negotiations, but it's better to be talking to them now, than to wait until the verdict is in.

In other news: radio show is going nicely. I'm still in the position of sidekick, but I got 30 minutes airtime last week. Also, we're in need of sponsors so we can broadcast the news every hour and perhaps even bid on a (AM) frequency. We can offer space/banners on our website, but everything is negotionable (sp?). So, ask your boss, relatives, anyone who can spare a few hundred (or thousand ;) euro's.

Yesterday, in stead of going to the fitness, I went to the Tikibad in Wassenaar. It's a waterslide-infested swimmingpool with fast (LUDICROUS SPEED!) slides. Two wide ones, two narrow ones (a corkscrew and one with a steep drop), two with boats/innertubes and two where you end up spinning around in a huge bowl. And let's not forget the pelican drop, the cannonball and the lazy river. After 90 minutes I was exhausted from all the stairs I had to climb, I had injured my elbow, bumped my head and also my heel. Those slides are fun, but DANGEROUS! Wouldn't surprise me if all the skin on my shoulderblades had been peeled away. To quote Officer Murtaugh: "I'm getting too old for this shit".
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