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And now for those that weren't there

While most of 'furry' USA was at FC, I spent a weekend in Zandvoort, a well known Dutch sea-village (though not as famous as say... Scheveningen). What started out last year as a mini-con /slash/ birthday get-together for pegla now turned into ... ehmmm... exactly the same, though with more participants.

Pegla's aunt and uncle run a small hotel in Zandvoort, and since the beach isn't really that great in January, normally the hotel is closed. But just throw in a group of 20 (give or take) and they open it up for us again. So, for a relatively small fee, you get a con from fridaynight to sundaymorning with two nights stay, half board and an unlimited supply of Orange Juice (Come on guys, keep drinking! We're only at 20 litres OJ at the moment.)

Friday started out with picking up thaily and hiryu. I THOUGHT it was going to be an easy task, until they told me that they first had to transport their two birds and two rats to a temporary holiday-address a few blocks down the road. No problem. Oh, wait, yes problem. The cages were too big for my car >.< With some creativity we managed to fit animals and (smaller) cages into the car and took them to their 'hotel'. After that, Hiryu and Thaily quickly packed their bags and off we went.

After an hour in the car with Evanescence in the CD player and some interesting conversation (A carnavigation system with a female voice that gets you from A to B without a detour is not realistic. When a woman gives you directions, it should sound something like "I think we just drove past the right exitramp....) we managed to find the hotel. It was already after 10pm at that time, but luckily there were still some burrito's left so we munched, played games like Burnout 2 (Jeez, how could you FAIL to crash!?) and Kung Fu Chaos (Ninja dying...) and gave birthdaypresents to Thaily (Bonsai!) and Pegla (Cyclopedia Anatomicae). The latter really appreciated the speech I gave for him (I did NOT organise a con just because I was bored!).

After that, some went to bed while others stayed up to watch a english-dubbed german animation movie called Felidae (Is this the uncensored version with the Kama Sutra and the cat electrocutions?). At 2am, we called it a night and all went to sleep.

On saturday, we went into town after breakfast. I had to get a photoroll developed, and only AFTER I dropped the film off at a shop, the others started helping me find a shop (Hey, there's a one hour photo-shop over there!) to get the film developed, which I didn't have anymore at that time, since I already found a shop without their help. Confusing? It is.

Aaaanyway, next stop was the arcade where I showed everyone my superiority *cough cough* in games like Dance Dance Revolution (this time without sprained ankles), airhockey and ... (Quote Brave firefighters? Are you guys compensating for something?) In the arcade we teamed up with clsa and nefariouscory, the former having just won a plastic frog with a clicking metal hidden inside. At that time it didn't bother me YET.... After having spent a few bucks on games, we went back to the hotel. More Kung Fu Chaos ([fake Chinese accent] You future look brighter than eyebrows on fire! [/accent]), some cardgames like Fluxx, Chrononauts, Give Me The Brain (Oops, I dropped the brain.) and Save Dr. Lucky (I move one, use this card to move Dr. Lucky to the Spa and save him with this Non-generic Balm!)

After dinner, it was time for the sigs (lecture, but more interesting). First, Pegla showed his audience what animation is all about, then Thaily discussed the do's and don'ts of Photoshop.
- Lenseflare NOT a good idea, spotlight NOT a good idea, paintbucket NOT a good idea
> Photoshop NOT a good idea
- Oh, shut up....

After the presentations, the beamer was used for DVD's again, so we watched two episodes of Scrapped Princess and both episodes of Dragon-Half, with the most confusing title song ever! (funny though)
Pappara funi-funi pappara hoe-hoe
Pappara funi-funi eggs
Pappara funi-funi pappara hoe-hoe
I grilled them and they burned
Pappara funi-funi pappara hoe-hoe
Pappara funi-funi potatoes
Pappara funi-funi pappara hoe-hoe
I boiled them and they melted

In the mean time I managed to convince bander and blue_panther to draw in my sketchbook (scans will be available tonight, I hope). Pegla used the con-goers after-dinner dip to do a little evaluation:
- In fact, I didn't receive a single complaint about the con so far
> I have one! There was no smoked salmon on the breakfast buffet!
- .........

It was starting to get late again, so one by one people left until it was just clsa, hackrabbit, Selderaya, and me. Remember that clsa won that froggie thing? By now it was getting really annoying...
Can someone PLEASE take that thing away from her?

From that moment on, things got progressively worse as we started a game of Guess That Tune. It evolved into singing awful songs in other languages:
- OK, so much for bad German songs, let's try bad French songs
> (sings) Voyage, voyage

It was 3 am before I got some sleep.

On sunday, I got up at 8, had a quick breakfast with Pegla's mom (Kitty rocks!), then ran off with my own bonsai tree (and luggage) to head home and prepare for a quick visit from the parental units. I still haven't told them about my bad job evaluation, but did share my unhappiness with them. So in a way, I've told them about the possibility of me not getting a new contract in March while keeping my angst to myself. I'm thinking about two options now, should I have to leave the hotel.
a) Work on a cruiseship for a year to earn lots of cash and get some sun
b) Leave the hospitality biz and get a job in banking, for better hours and pay.
Other suggestions are also welcomed.
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