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You had to be there.....

[fake Chinese accent] You future look brighter than eyebrows on fire! [/accent]

OMG, STFU, LOLOL, LMAO, LMFAO, !!!11!!one!

- Lenseflare NOT a good idea, spotlight NOT a good idea, paintbucket NOT a good idea
> Photoshop NOT a good idea
- Oh, shut up....

Come on guys, keep drinking! We're only at 20 litres OJ at the moment.

Oops, I dropped the brain.

Jeez, how could you FAIL to crash!?

Ninja dying...

- OK, so much for bad German songs, let's try bad French songs
> (sings) Voyage, voyage

I did NOT organise a con just because I was bored!

Brave firefighters? Are you guys compensating for something?

Is this the uncensored version with the Kama Sutra and the cat electrocutions?

- In fact, I didn't receive a single complaint about the con so far
> I have one! There was no smoked salmon on the breakfast buffet!
- .........

A carnavigation system with a female voice that gets you from A to B without a detour is not realistic. When a woman gives you directions, it should sound something like "I think we just drove past the right exitramp...."

Can someone PLEASE take that thing away from her?

Pappara funi-funi pappara hoe-hoe
Pappara funi-funi eggs
Pappara funi-funi pappara hoe-hoe
I grilled them and they burned
Pappara funi-funi pappara hoe-hoe
Pappara funi-funi potatoes
Pappara funi-funi pappara hoe-hoe
I boiled them and they melted

Hey, there's a one hour photo-shop over there!

I move one, use this card to move Dr. Lucky to the Spa and save him with this Non-generic Balm!

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