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Dublin, day 2


What better way to start the day than with a full irish breakfast? Grilled tomato, poached egg, sausage, bacon, hash brownies aaaand black and white pudding :) Yum. We walked towards the Governement Buildings and jumped on one of the many city trip buses that dominate the traffic. A very funny Irish guide pointed out all the cool things in town, including the MANY buildings and parks with a connection to the Guinness family. So we saw St. Stephens Green, we saw a building that still bore the bulletholes from when the leaders of the Irish Revolution hid there. There was the smallest pub in Dublin (could only have 12 guests, standing!), the mayor's residence, Trinity College, the statue of Molly Malone (a.k.a. the Dish with the Fish, the tart with the cart or the trollop with the scallop :), Dublin Castle, St. Patrick's Church, etc. etc.

Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver's Travels, was the vicor of St. Patrick's if I remember correctly. Did you know that it was never intended to be a children's book, but a political satire? In fact, Swift HATED kids! Irony...

We got off the bus at the Old Jameson's distillery for a tour through the holy ground of Irish Whiskey (with an 'e'). I was tempted to buy the $ 150 bottle of Midleton Very Rare (complete with signature of the master blender), but decided against it, since my bankaccount's in the red >.< After the tour (and the tasting in which our friend Dick was almost lynched for saying he preferred Bourbon!) we took the bus again for the next part of the tour and went to Guiness.....

to be continued....

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