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Inspired by Thaily's latest pic:


Walls that only I can see
keep me safe from misery
Every time that they appear
I know no doubts, I know no fear
Yet I wish they weren't there

Paranoia, distance, hate
are the bricks that I create
Sarcasm added as cement
supports these walls that I lament
Still, I only sit and stare

I'm in the safety of my cell
Everyone can go to hell
Let me stay and feel protected
Even though you feel rejected
Even though I know you care

But sometimes I just cry and moan
For in my cell I'm all alone
Can't you hear me scream and shout?
Please come in, I won't come out
The pain is more than I can bare

Break my walls and set me free
Friendship is the remedy
Love me so that I may learn
that when these hated walls return
I'm not alone and you'll be there
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