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As the finishing touch, God created the Dutch

Doughnuts and bowling, two of the USA's biggest pastimes, are originally Dutch inventions.
The doughnut evolved from the dutch Oliebol (literally grease-ball or oil-ball), named for the fact that it's a lump of dough dropped into a pan with hot sunflower-oil. The oliebol is still a dutch tradition, eaten on New Year's Eve. For variation, add apple, raisin and cinnamon to the dough. Or beer. Beer is good too :)

10 pin bowling originated from the Dutch sport 'kegelen'. Compared to bowling, kegelen only has nine pins, put down in a diamond shape. The alley is a whole lot narrower, the ball is smaller and has no holes.

Oh, and by the way: the art of book-printing also came from Holland. So I don't want to hear anyone say that we can only grow tulips and make cheese. And marijuana ;)
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