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And here we are again. First thoughts after two days at my new location. This McD's is a lot smaller than the first one and it's built in a relatively new business area. Right now there's only a football-stadium and some officebuildings, but in the future a cinema-complex is expected, a school and more buildings that draw a lot of people near. But right now, it's still pretty empty. That makes it harder to make profits at the restaurant. You get fewer guests, you have to work with fewer employees to keep the costs under control, and efficiency is the keyword.

As I said, a whole difference from the McD's where I got my training. That one was next to the highway and was busy from open to close. Funny, isn't it? Just when you think you've got it all figured out, you get transferred and your whole grasp on the situation is rendered useless. It's like starting back from scratch, because this restaurant requires a totally different approach to keep both the crew and the Big Boss happy. I've got my work cut out for me.....

Life at home is gradually going back to normal. Laundry is being washed, done the dishes, cleaned the room somewhat. It's looking less and less like a pigsty and more like a home. Still, it's hard working a full-time job (50+ hours a week) and trying to keep your place tidy. I don't have the money to get some help, nor would I want any help. I don't like the idea of a stranger cleaning my home while I'm away. AND I still have this stupid thought I need to prove to my parents that I can live independently. Right now they're in Turkey, on a little holiday. Dad's bloodpressure was dangerously high again, so they just left and took the plane. Hopefully dad will get the jobstress out of his system. He works in the IT-business. Imagine his stress after surviving in that business for 30 years now.

Groove Time (the band) is also taking up more and more of my time. We have 2 and a half weeks left to learn 10 new songs for that big Soul party. It's not hard for the singer, but the musicians (and especially the brass-section) are pretty hyped-up. I'm not going to interfere too much. I sing at the rehearsals and lay low in order to avoid conflicts. Stressed musicians are hotheads :)

Current mood is content, I guess. I'll manage, I'll get by, I've seen worse. I'm gonna make this job work, I won't sit at home and sulk that I'm single, I'm gonna finish that immense to-do list.... hopefully ;) I'm gonna lose weight. Ssssssssssssomebody stop me! (C) The Mask.

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