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Hello LJ, sorry for neglecting you for a couple of days. You see, I've been kept busy at work.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was busy making 300 X-mas giftboxes for the hotel's staff. I don't know if they do the same in other countries, but most companies in the Netherlands give their employees a small giftbox/hamper right before X-mas to thank them for their work this past year. It was hell to stuff the boxes though. 10 items, 3 layers of hay (that gets into EVERYTHING!), bright blue box so the ink gets into your clothing and onto your fingers, tape that won't co-operate. Oy.

Wednesday after work I went to the bloodbank to give blood for the fifth time. To celebrate the special occasion I got a bronze pin shaped like a drop of blood. I'll get a silver one with my tenth donation, and a more special gift with every fifth time thereafter. I believe I'll even get something with a diamond with my 50th donation. That'll be in about 12 years ;) BUT, let me stress that I don't do it for the gifts. Nevertheless, I appreciate the gesture

Thursday I was asked to decorate four Xmas trees in one of the function rooms of the hotel. Shouldn't be a problem normally, unless half of the strings with lights isn't working! Argh. Then, when I was about to go home for the day, the Front Office needed help on the parking deck as the guests of two big parties were arriving. In stead of 5.30 pm, I went home at 7.45 pm. Directing traffic for two hours in a freezing cold. Bleh.

Today: some more Xmas trees to decorate, and we'll be building the hotel's big ass Xmas shed. And maybe, BIG maybe, I'll get my laptop today.

So, there you have it, dear LJ, the reasons why I haven't updated in a while. Oh, add to that that I'm still trying to finish XIII, the game.
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