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Dear Diary...

Friday: got home after work and remained braindead for the rest of the evening. Mostly busy on PC, installing stuff, downloading, burning, etc.

Saturday: woke up to the sound of rain and strong winds. Yay, weekend... Packed a few games and went to a gameday in Leiden (I'm a member of a big gameclub, 110 members). Unfortunately, there were only 6 others when I got there, and all six of them were engaged in a game of MegaCiv (a homemade variation to the Civilisation boardgame). Those games can take an entire day, so after watching for an hour in which no one else arrived, I left again, bought empty CD's and printpaper and decided to make a detour in order to visit the IKEA.

Big mistake. I should have known. Saturday + afternoon + bad weather + 1.5 week before X-mas = Total chaos in IKEA. Using my incredible dexterity, I dodged and moved through the mob and luckily got out an hour later with a CD-tower and a laundry basket thingie. Back home I spent the evening putting the tower together, cleaning up my CD collection (throwing away ancient or broken CD-rom games), watching The Hunt For Red October (Sean Connory, still my hero) and playing my latest game XIII

Sunday: leakage in my bedroom! I have a flat roof and somehow a bit of water dripped down the wallpaper. Landlord went up on the roof, couldn't find a hole, but he removed all water from the roof, checked the drainage pipes and promised to have his repairman take a look at it. Now that's good service :) Very uneventful day: gaming, laundry, making miso soup and watching how Saddam was found.

Monday: Back in the office.

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