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More incoherence today.

- I just got back from the Shamrock's farewell party. The pub didn't open today, but the entire staff (including ex-staffmembers) got together someplace else to remenisce and mourn. We tried to focus on all the good times we had in the Shamrock, but in the end things got a little depressed. It almost felt like a funeral. Bah, this wasn't how I wanted my weekend to be :(

- Tomorrow will be my first workingday at my new location. I still need to iron my shirt, but I'll do that tomorrow morning. Yep, I iron my own shirts. Even at 6.15 am. I think I'll marry some ambitious career-woman and take care of the household while she rakes in all the cash. I'm a modern day man :)

- The weekend's been pretty weird, with the pub closing and all. I got quite drunk yesterday, slept 'til after noon today, and spent an hour or so burning a CD for a friend whom I was supposed to meet today. Just when I was finished, I got the call that she wouldn't be able to meet me. Bleh, I could've spent that hour on more important stuff. I hate it when things like this happen.

- I gotta watch my finances more carefully. Ever since the guilder changed to the Euro, I just kept on spending money. It's SO easy to buy things when they seem cheaper, even when they're not. 1 Euro is 2,20 guilders, but I seem to spend my Euro's as easily as I spent my guilders. Last thing I need right now is to watch my finances ALONG with my weight and jobtraining.

- When I'm rich, the first things I'll buy will be a new and big TV, a dolby digital surround sound speakerset, and an Audi TT Cabrio car. Now all I need is to get rich. Preferably in a legal way.

- I suck at Grand Theft Auto III.

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