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May. 26th, 2002

More incoherence today.

- I just got back from the Shamrock's farewell party. The pub didn't open today, but the entire staff (including ex-staffmembers) got together someplace else to remenisce and mourn. We tried to focus on all the good times we had in the Shamrock, but in the end things got a little depressed. It almost felt like a funeral. Bah, this wasn't how I wanted my weekend to be :(

- Tomorrow will be my first workingday at my new location. I still need to iron my shirt, but I'll do that tomorrow morning. Yep, I iron my own shirts. Even at 6.15 am. I think I'll marry some ambitious career-woman and take care of the household while she rakes in all the cash. I'm a modern day man :)

- The weekend's been pretty weird, with the pub closing and all. I got quite drunk yesterday, slept 'til after noon today, and spent an hour or so burning a CD for a friend whom I was supposed to meet today. Just when I was finished, I got the call that she wouldn't be able to meet me. Bleh, I could've spent that hour on more important stuff. I hate it when things like this happen.

- I gotta watch my finances more carefully. Ever since the guilder changed to the Euro, I just kept on spending money. It's SO easy to buy things when they seem cheaper, even when they're not. 1 Euro is 2,20 guilders, but I seem to spend my Euro's as easily as I spent my guilders. Last thing I need right now is to watch my finances ALONG with my weight and jobtraining.

- When I'm rich, the first things I'll buy will be a new and big TV, a dolby digital surround sound speakerset, and an Audi TT Cabrio car. Now all I need is to get rich. Preferably in a legal way.

- I suck at Grand Theft Auto III.


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May. 27th, 2002 01:34 pm (UTC)
Ambitious career-woman, eh? What a coincidence, too...I've never ironed a shirt in my life :-P
Just want to wish you good luck at the new location. I'm sure you'll be great (as always).
And btw, (since this seems to be the way we keep in touch), I just wanted to let you know I got my marks today. A, A, B+, B. Not as good as it should have been, but much better than I thought. (One A was 0.3 percent away from being a B+, and that B definitely should have been a C+). As it stands, I still wouldn't get accepted to a law school in the city. Assuming I get accepted, that is. But I'm remaining optimistic :-)

Anyways, enjoy work (well, TRY to). Talk to you soon!

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