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What is exactly the definition of a winterdepression? Not that I think that I'm having one, but I find myself having moodswings these past few weeks. Maybe my female side is feeling bad ;)
I'm happy I have a job
I'm disappointed that it doesn't pay that great
I'm grateful I have a home
I'm not happy that it's in an industrial area, surrounded by factories
I'm glad I'm healthy
I'm really glad I've lost 6 kilograms of weight so far
I'm bothered that I don't seem to be losing any more of it
I'm sad, cos I don't have a partner (especially in these dark and cold days)
I'm scared for my future with all these layoffs going on around me
I'm angry with some of the choices I've made in the past
I'm jealous of old classmates that are already running entire hotels while I'm still stuck below middle-management

December is the time for reflection and planning a course of action for the new year. With so many options and so little known about the outcome, I'm afraid to take any action. 26 years old, single, living in an industrial park, doing a job below my capabilities (even though I like it). This is not what I had in mind when I was still at Hotel Management School.
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