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In Holland we have something called the "Private PC Project". The idea behind it is, that the government thinks that everyone should be able to work with a computer and they aid you financially when you want to buy a PC. You have to buy it through your job, and your boss should be willing to handle all the administration, since you pay for the PC in 24 monthly installments that are kept from your salary. Your benefit lies in the fact that the installments are taken from your gross (bruto) salary, so before taxes. Concretely: you save 35 to 40 % on the marketprice of your PC or laptop and you can pay in 24 months without intrest. Nifty, eh?

Now the thing is: since PC's have become a lot cheaper in the past five years (and to compensate for the fact that they're gonna , the government is lowering the amount for which you can go shopping for a PC. Roughly: from 2500 bucks max to 1600 bucks max (US$). Right now, a lot of employees are quickly buying a new PC (with all the works) before the new limit takes effect. This results in huge orders for the PC manufacturing companies and - of course - delays.

Why am I telling you this? Because a few of us here at the hotel decided to buy a new PC (laptop in my case) just 3 days before the government announced their news. And our order got caught up in the big pile of orders. So, the PC's were later than expected (over a week).

BUT, they're in! I saw them being delivered this morning. Then why don't I have mine yet? Because the Human Resources guy responsible for the whole deal is not in today, and he needs to print our contracts before we can take our new toys home. ARGH! So close yet so far away.

My precioussssss.........

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