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Well, Gina, it seems like you have some kind of divine intervention on your side. Today I heard that my favorite pub will close for good after this weekend. It's the same Irish pub where I worked for a couple of months. Tomorrownight will be a night for patrons and crew only. We'll go out with a bang :)

The funny thing is, I hadn't been there for a long while now. I knew there were some financial problems, but I thought things were improving slightly. Guess not. So, I have to go looking for a new place to meet people and have some fun with my friends. Tough luck.

More sad news: my optical mouse is as good as dead. The darned thing has a loose wire, and my technical skills are - as known - non-existent :) Good thing I kept my old mouse around.

Again a lot of random stuff today. Did I already mention I'm getting a promotion? I'm moving to another McD's day after tomorrow, and my new job's called Shiftmanager. Not bad in only 3 months!
My diet isn't really going as planned. That's what happens if a couple of friends come along and decide to order pizza. You don't wanna spoil the mood and you order along, even though you know the darned things are greasy and chock-full of calories. On top of that, I had 8 bacardi&Cokes tonight, and tomorrow won't be very 'lean and light' either with a visit to the fun fair and the Final Night of the Shamrock (that's the pub)

Finally did some springcleaning yesterday, and BOY was it necessary. I suddenly found the energy to actually move my furniture while cleaning. Dust. Lots of it. But I can say my house is reasonably clean at the moment. I need to make a schedule so I can start cleaning on a more regular basis.

Struggling to stay awake right now. Alcohol's doing its job. I am SO going to loathe myself in the morning. Bad Rob! Bad bad Rob! Maybe I should start doing something useful with my subscription to Men's Health. That magazine is always filled with tips and excersizes to lose weight. I might even find a few I can do at home. Membership of a fitness-center is a bit beyond my budget right now.

In PC-news: I managed to finish Vampire (with the Good ending). I immediately deleted it from my PC to prevent me from starting all over. In the mean time I downloaded Grand Theft Auto 3. Needless to say I have to check that one out.

Anyway, I'm gonna send myself to bed now. Tomorrow's gonna be another busy day. Luckily I got the day off. I have a few places to visit, some people to meet, and furthermore there's the fun fair and the pub. Poor me :)

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