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Weekend diary, Amsterdam sightseeing included!

Second attempt at this entry, after a browser crash (argh!)


Half day at work, half day at home (polishwashwashscrubscrubdetoxspraydecontaminate). Collected all the old paper and carton lying around the house and basement (lots of pizzaboxes from roomies, hehehe). It BARELY fitted into my car (trunk and three passengerseats). Luckily I only had to drive a few blocks to get to the collection point (a.k.a. 'environment park'). The worker there looked at me, at my car, at me again, frowned "How long have you been saving this up?" he wanted to know. "Mmmm, about 5 months?" I grinned sheepishly. After making the house visibly clean (meaning that it wasn't really clean, but it LOOKED clean) with Roomie Rick, we sat down and watched Sum of all fears. Boom. Sleepy time.


07.30 Alarmclock went off (aaaargh!)
08.30 In my car, on my way to Amsterdam!
09.30 Picked up my mom at the Amstel trainstation, and we took a tram to the Albert Cuyp market, one of the most famous streetmarkets in the country, 6 days a week. Got me a backpack/shoulderbag/bag on wheels (all in one!) and mom found some mediterranean delicacies to take home (Falafel, Dolmadakia, pomodori secco, etc).
12.30 Time for tea with supreme pie at "De taart van mijn tante" ("My auntie's pie"), a tearoom infamous for its to-die-for pies and personalized outrageous weddingcakes. We ordered (and devoured) a piece of chocolateslutpie (I'm not making this up, it was the actual name!) and some Tipsy applepie. Mmmm, calvados...
13.30 A stroll along the P.C. Hooftstreet, one of the most exclusive and expensive shoppingstreets in the country. Saw lots of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Armani (not to mention Ermenegildo Zegna). According to dutch custom, we saw a lot and bought NOTHING. Hehehe, us poor commoners. Oh wait, I did get something. The shower gel from THIS yummy line. Mmmmmm, JPG...
15.00 Time for a break at Ovidius, a nice cafe in the deluxe Magna Plaza shopping mall. MP used to be the city's main post office. Go figure.
15.45 Windowshopping at the most gorgeous fantasyshop in Holland: Chimera. Could spend a few hours there, just browsing through their displays. If you ever go there, be careful if you go up the stairs. Trolls be waiting to scare you >:)
16.30 More walking, more sightseeing. Along one of the canals to the Nieuwe Markt and over the Zeedijk, a little piece of Chinatown and the doorway to the Red Light District.
17.00 From the Zeedijk to the central trainstation, where we got on the tram to the Leidseplein, famous for its bars, pubs and entertainment. A 2 minute walk, and then I surprised mom with dinner at Wagamama, a trendy Japanese noodlebar /slash/ positive eating restaurant. My dish of the day was a huge bowl (more like fishtank) of Chili Chicken Ramen (noodle soup). Hooooboy, it was goood.
19.45 Back home. Spent. Just in time for the best show on Dutch TV: Kopspijkers. Infotainment with satire. Mixture between Jay Leno and Saturday Night Live.


Mom: ironing shirts, cleaning house (thoroughly). No matter how much I complain and try to stop her, she won't have any rest until all my laundry is done, all my shirts are ironed and everything in the house is squeaky clean.
Dad: DIY in and around the house, hanging up designlamp above designtable, fixing broken closetdoor
Me: Trying to look like I'm doing something.

Afterwards dinner in Thai restaurant.


Work. Lots of it.
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