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Male chauvinist pig alert

European Soccer Championships 2004 Portugal.

Playoffs: Holland vs. Scotland

Away match: 1-0 for Scotland
Home match: 6-0 for Holland, meaning we qualified ourselves (albeit in a shamingly bad way) for the endgame.

Scotland's coach was Berti Vogts, who played in the World Cup final Germany vs Holland in '74, which Holland lost.

Ruudje bedankt, ruudje bedankt, ruudje, ruudje, ruudje bedankt!
't is stiiiil aan de overkant, 't is stiiiil aan de overkant
Wat zijn die schotten stil, wat zijn die schotten stil
Berti, Berti, alles ist vorbei, alles ist vorbei, alles ist vorbei
We gaan naar Portugal, We gaan naar Portugal

I'll shut up now.
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