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The latest craze, invented by ME!

Hey friends!

I think I've just invented a new meme that can be copied blatantly. It's the

*ask every friend on your 'friend of' list ONE question and see if they read your journal closely enough (and actually take the effort to reply)* thread!

Is that cool or what ?! Probably not, but I'm gonna try it anyway. Thanks in advance for taking the time.

_graywolf_: Which one of all the animals you've ever prepared are you most proud of?

afya: What do you miss in Aberdeen, that you had in your previous town?

alright_for_now: Will you ever grow up? ;)

bander: What's your favorite cartoon of all time?

calli_sarsis: Isn't there ANYTHING interesting to see or do in Oklahoma?

caniche: What's the strangest habit Dutch people have?

catdragon: What's the first thing you still have to buy for your new apartment?

celtic_man: Which aspect of the spiritual world appeals to you the most? (i.e. finding your spirit guide, reading runestones, communicating with spirits, etc.)

chibimun: What's the best trick to keep your kids nice and quiet?

felyne32k: What will your life look like five years from now?

hackrabbit: How do you convince people you really are Dutch? ;)

hiryu: How did you become interested in dragons?

hylian: You being the resident elf-expert... Are you going to see 'Elf' in the cinema, and why (not)?

jonesybunny: Which games (PC/Console) are your all time favorites?

ohnoalltaken: When you (have to) cook, what's your signature dish?

pegla: Would you choose a good job in Holland, or a better job abroad?

pinstripemafia: On which kind of clothes or fashion-accessory do you spend the most money?

rechan: I still have some gift coupons to spend. Which book would you recommend most to me?

rmw: What's your dreamholiday like?

sarahskunkie: What would be your favorite sport if icehockey was never invented?

serenitywolf: What was the funniest moment in your life?

sharpanther: What's your 'feelgood' song?

thaily: Which part of your new job are you most looking forward to?

tyrc: Which country would you move to, given the chance, and why?
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