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Has it really been over a week since I last posted something? Sheeeeesh, I'm a slob... Now the hard part is: trying to remember what I did this past week. My memory can be a sieve sometimes, and only the chunks of weird, useless info stay behind. For instance: I know that the SKG in Dreamworks SKG stands for Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen.... but don't ask me what I ate three days ago, cos I probably won't remember. The mind works in mysterious ways :)

Maybe it'll help if I chop the news in topics....
- Work: Ups and downs... Now that I finally get to know the crew and their quirks, I get transferred! It's masked as a promotion (Starting June 1st I'll be the Shiftmanager at another - smaller - McD's), but I have this hunch that I'm 'sidetracked' to a place where I can do less damage. Could be just a silly thought of me, but I've had some experiences in the past with a former job that triggered some sort of sixth sense in me. Or maybe I'm simply paranoid :) Anyway, the good news is I worked myself up to Shiftmanager in 3 months time. Could've been worse.

- Love: Still nada, nothing, zip, zilch. My social life is falling back to a new low, thanks to the job and my PC-addiction. I work, surf and sleep. Sometimes I scare myself.... I *do* have a lot of friends though, but I'm stuck in that same group and hardly meet new people. It's forbidden for management to get involved with crew, so I don't even have to try and find someone at work. Not that I want to, anyway. I have my profile online on two 'dating'-websites, but I hardly get any traffic on them. I don't put much faith into the idea that I might find someone online, but a guy can dream ;) I need to get out of the house more often, but I don't want to go out all by myself, and if I go with my friends, we always end up in the same pubs, meeting the same people. Any idea how to break the circle?

- Music: Now HERE's something to be positive about :) We had a gig last sunday and we totally rocked the place. We got compliments all around and even the guy who hired us, said we'd improved a great deal since last year. I think we gave away a great show. Now we gotta work towards June 15th, which's gonna be a pivotal point in the career of the band. It might be the performance that'll make or break us. But I'm not worried about that. I want to sing and have fun, and that's what I'm gonna do.

- Random thoughts: My desk is littered with letters, mail, bills and such. It's time I came up with a new way of filing all the important stuff. There's nothing as humiliating as getting a warning you forgot to pay a bill. My diet's off to a slow start. In three weeks I lost.... 0,1 kilos! Wow, me! At least I didn't gain any weight, so I'll hang on to that positive thought. My fridge is stuffed with all things green, lean and healthy, so I'll see if that makes a difference. I gotta eat more regularly, I know, but that's practically impossible if you're working IRregular shifts... I paid a smackload of money for a course in drawing cartoons. Now over a month later, I haven't even sketched ONE face or line. Bleh. I hate pigeons officially now. After shitting on my car and windowpane, they've found my lawnchair. This means war.

That pretty much sums up my past week. Took my dad to SW Episode 2 last friday. Yoda is my new hero. Saw Spiderman as well. Kirsten is my new infatuation ;P I'm losing coherence. I'm gonna stop typing. Now. Say something if you're reading my journal. At least then I know my scribblings are noticed :)

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