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Stolen from caniche, who stole it as well, so it's OK then.

Pick a song that...

1. Reminds you of an ex-girlfriend / boyfriend / ladyfriend: "Zet de tijd even stil" by Rolf Wouters. Very obscure song, Dutch lyrics to Tupac's Dear Mama.

2. Reminds you of an ex-friend: "Alive" - Pearl Jam.

3. Reminds you of your childhood: "Woodpeckers from space" by the Video Kids. Search for it on Kazaa or something. I mean it. Woody raps!

4. Makes you cry: "Starless night" from the Lion King Musical.

5. Makes you laugh: "Asshole" - Denis Leary

6. Makes you wanna dance: "Groove is in the Heart" - Deee-lite!

7. Reminds you of the one you love(d): "Drops of Jupiter" - Train

8. Makes you very, very sleepy: "Falling (Theme from Twin Peaks)" - Julee Cruise

9. You wish you wrote: "Angels" - Robbie Williams

10. You wish had been written for you: "Get Here" - Oleta Adams

11. You wish you could sing well: Heh, I actually sing quite well, but ... "Kiss from a Rose" - Seal

12. You never want to hear again: "Macarena" - Los del Rio, "The Ketchup Song" - Las Ketchup

13. You want to get married to: "You are so beautiful" - Joe Cocker, or "Wonderful tonight" - Eric Clapton

14. You want played at your funeral: "Carry me (like a fire in your heart)" - Chris de Burgh

15. Makes you want to mosh/slam dance: "Jump around" - House of pain

16. Sums up your teenage years: "Fight for your right (to party)" - Beastie Boys

17. You used to hate but now like: "Sultans of swing" - Dire Straits

18. You like to wake up to: "Wake up Boo" - The Boo Radleys

19. You like out of your parent's record collection: "Angie" - Rolling Stones

20. Your parents like out of your collection: "Fields of Gold" - Sting

21. You love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: "Runaway" - The Corrs

22. Makes you think of someone who died: "Mr. Blue" - Rene Klijn

23. You love the video more than the tune: "Satisfaction" - Benny Benassi (Sorry! ;)

24. Reminds you of your first crush: "Nothing's gonna change my love for you" - Glen Medeiros (sp?)

25. You love which is from one of your favorite movies: "Cuban Pete" - Jim Carrey/The Mask

26. Makes you think of the moon: "Moon over Bourbon Street" - Sting

27. Makes you think of last summer: "Summerjam 2003" - Sunclub vs. The Underdog Project

28. Makes you think of being alone: "Message in a bottle" - The Police

29. You love to hear at clubs: "Renegade Master" - Wildchild or "Waterfall" - Atlantic Ocean

30. Turns you on: "Sadeness pt. 1" - Enigma (the ultimate porn-soundtrack band ;)

31. Makes you think deeply: "The drugs don't work" - The Verve

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