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The big recap

Sunday: Dinner at Canadian Restaurant (the same guys who helped us organise the Canadian week in the hotel). Went with two of my best friends, went for the surprise menu.

Carpaccio of bison with pesto and hemp(!)dressing
Mixed grill of bison, elk and muskox. With this, the table was also covered with a shitload of sidedishes: chicory with ham and cheese, mixed warm vegetables, side salads with canadian cheese, wild rice and country potato wedges. Oh. My. God.
Grand dessert: Carrot cake, lemon meringue, frozen yoghurt, peach sorbet, strawberry bavarois.

Needless to say I rolled out of that restaurant. When we got the bill, I discovered Yvonne (owner/host) had given us all the drinks for free, so I tipped her good :)

Monday: Punishment day. When you've only had dietary products for two weeks, then decide to pig out, your stomach doesn't thank you for it. Called in sick, went to bed early, slept for 12 hours!

Tues/Wed: Work, eat, sleep, nothing spectacular besides the key-story.

Thursday: Went to the gamesclub after work for another round of monthly Bloodbowl league. This time my humans didn't stand a chance against a lizardmen team. Lost 2-0, but got out of it with 90k gold, enough for a second thrower. During the game I got a call from the roomies who were getting drunk on the couch. At that point it was still funny. When I got home, it wasn't. Empty winebottles on the floor, house reeking of deepfried snacks, shredded magazines everywhere, table filled with dirty dishes and glasses (one broken), vacuumcleaner in the middle of the room, all the lights on. And the roomies nowhere to be seen. I turned off most of the lights and went to bed. Heard them returning home (probably after visiting a bar) later at night, didn't care.

Friday: This morning, woke up, still the same mess. I'm not gonna touch it. They'd better clean up the shit today or else I'm gonna freak out big time when I get home. Got taxes to do tonight (IRS found out I haven't done them yet).

Tomorrow: Get car to garage for winter checkup, maybe new tires. Clean house. Watch football/soccer (Holland vs Scotland, for a ticket to the European Championships. We didn't qualify directly. We suck.). Try to get to Jonesy's birthday bash, then off to the radiostudio for show (for the first time in ... 6 weeks?).

Sunday: Prolly more work around the house. Mom's coming over for a night next week, so I'd better start now to iron my shirts....

And in the mean time:
- I'm hardly losing weight anymore. Mostly through loss of discipline.
- Money's flying out the door. Insurances, still getting billed for my old house!, parking and speeding tickets. Bah, bah, bah.
- Most of my LJ friends are going through difficult times in one way or the other
- I'm 26 and single, and wishing I was only one of those two things.

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