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Another two days of recuperation gone by. I'm all fresh and full of energy again. And I'm gonna need it, since my alarmclock'll go off in 6 hours. I'm getting a little hooked on PC games. I just finished Freedom Force (absolutely brilliant!) and right now I'm on a killing spree in Vienna with Vampire: Redemption. And I've got Black & White, Morrowind and Pool Of Radiance 2 still lined up. If it wasn't for work and groceries, I wouldn't see daylight anymore :)

I'm slowly getting into a nice rhythm of work and relaxation. It helps to have a steady schedule, also for social purposes. Yesterday I invited a good friend of mine to visit the funfair with me. She didn't answer, so I went alone. The fair was a major disappointment. Nothing could spark my excitement, and the plush furs to be won, were of low quality. Thank goodness no one carries Teletubbies as prizes anymore :)

Groove Time (the band) is slowly building up a name and reputation. The soul-night is 100% certain, and we also have an invitation for Aug 4th, at a fair where we also played last year. I hope they don't mind that we went up in price :D This saturday we're gonna go shopping for a professional outfit, then all we need to do is learn some steps and we're ready for the big gigs. The next step would be writing our own songs to get out of the coverband-circuit, but that's something that'll come along one day.

So, there you have it. I'm happy, sipping some red wine, getting ready for bed. Dad called me this morning, wanting me to book tickets for Star Wars 2. He'll pay for the tickets if I buy the popcorn. That was also the deal when we went to see Lord Of The Rings. We both got a bucket for ourselves, salted for him, sweetened for me. Halfway through the movie we were both sick :) Hehehe, I love my parents. Mom comes and cleans my house thoroughly every few months, and dad keeps my PC up to date. I guess I got most of my hobbies from him: music, movies, PC, fantasy and science fiction, whiskey.... The only difference we have is that I *can* cook a meal :p

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