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After a few days of eating carrots, cucumber, onions, bell peppers (paprika) and tomatoes, we're off to round 2 of operation "Fat boy slims". Not that I'm THAT big, but I kinda liked the name...

Friday: party in pub to celebrate 26th b-day (which is in fact today, wheeee). Got presents, including one from the parking police (45 Euro's). Then mom called that a speedingticket was waiting for me at home (28 Euro's....). And so my birthday money was spent before I received it...
Oh well, there are worse things in life. Like losing your job, something that's become a great fear for most of my colleagues. Tomorrow they'll all have their chat with the big boss and they'll find out if they'll still be working for the company in 2004. I moved departments just in time, so it seems. And so every cloud has a silver lining.

Saturday: Lazy days... Reading, washing clothes, playing the Neverwinter Nights expansion. Elf ranger to the rescue!

Sunday: To mom and dad to have a mini-birthday celebration. Godmother (aunt) came with my uncle, and grandpa with his girlfriend (grandma passed away a few years ago). Basically, it was sitting together, chatting about the local news, coffee, pie and lateron mom's infamous Dutch peasoup. Went back home later at night with a new arsenal of diet-products, a new shirt and tie and ..... a kettle of mom's soup! Hehehe, way to go mom. To all non-dutchies: if you ever have the chance, try dutch syrup-waffles (stroopwafels), the farmer's pancake (with bacon, unions and mushrooms) and Dutch pea soup (home made, not out of a can). And if you have the guts, have some Hollandse Nieuwe as well. I'll leave you guessing as to what that is.

And so we're right into Tuesday by now. First days in the new Mr. Research & Development position are going pretty well, looking up dozens of articles, prices, rental companies in an attempt to create a catalog for the hotel to use whenever they need to rent something. Have a faster PC, bigger screen, and a speaker so I can listen to webradio! No telnet, but I think I should be glad for that, otherwise I would hardly get any work done.

Fitness: Program has been beefed up to 100 mins! 5 cardio-machines, 4 powertrainings. Feel those muscles!

And now time to go.

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