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It's random thoughts mode again!

- In the last 10 days I lost almost 4 kilograms of weight, thanks to diet and excersize. Today I got the first compliment ("I can see you've lost weight") Whee!

- I'm switching jobs in the hotel. As of next Monday I'll no longer be in Sales & Marketing, but in the facility dept. as Research & Development officer. Picking up promising projects that've become stuck in someone's To Do file. And I've found out that there's enough work there right now to keep someone busy for 5 years :) And that's without adding new projects during that time.

- Oops, I just sinned. Chocolate chip cookie. Quick! Gimme that carrot!

- With daylight hours shortening, temperatures dropping and Xmas approaching, I'm getting that nagging wouldn't-it-be-nice-to-be-in-a-relationship-again-? feeling again. Wintertime blues. Girls, hug me, date me! I've lost weight since the last time you saw me! *cackles*

- Did you ever notice I hide all my not-so-happy thoughts behind a wall of comedy?

- It's hard to assemble a bed when your parents still have the bolts and screws somewhere in their house >.<

- Speaking of parents, they have their eyes on a new (secondhand) car. If their old Passat doesn't show up before monday, insurance will pay out so they can buy another one.

- Yay for BNN! (non-dutchies, don't ask ;)

- One week before the club-of-25 kicks me into the club-of-26. Party will move to next weekend. (Stay tuned for details)

- I want a panther like Guehnwyvar.

- It's fun being a Dungeon Master when you have the Book of Vile Darkness, mwahah

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