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Shoot me, please!

The day started off so well... Felt energetic, jumping on my bike, off to work. Lots of work, lots of munching cookies and drinking healthy shakes. After work to the tanning studio, 20 minutes soaking up deathrays, then homeward bound.

In front of my front door, I discover I'm missing two things: my keys and my mobile phone. F to the UCK! Luckily neighbour/landlord is home. We jump in his car and drive the exact same route I took on my bike. No phone, no keys. DOUBLE F...! I try to call my phone: voicemail straight away. I knew for certain I had everything on me! Two possibilities: 1) The battery disconnected upon impact on the ground. 2) Someone switched it off. In any case, I had no way to contact the finder, since my phone has a PIN-code, so when you switch it on, you have to use the code in order to use the phone.

Revisited the tanningstudio, nothing was found. I'm ready to shoot myself for my stupidity, riding a bike with your valuables in an open pocket!! Sooooo, we drive back home, me quite depressed. At home, I look up the right numbers to call (with landlord's phone...) get my phone blocked. Call parents to say what happened, and then....

....it turns out that my phone was found in front of an office. Someone found it, searched the names, called 'dad' to say phone was found and who he was. Dad sends me an email with the details. Man switches phone off. Tomorrow I can collect my phone from that office. *SIGH OF RELIEF*

Unfortunately the guy didn't say he found my keys as well. With a bit of luck he has them as well. With some less luck someone else has found them. There's no address or phonenumber on them, but a special tag. If someone throws my keys in a mailbox, I'll get them sent home within a few days.

So, phone's safe, keys not yet. This isn't good for my heart. I'd pour myself a double scotch if I weren't on a diet.


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Oct. 21st, 2003 01:28 pm (UTC)
I hope you find your keys back. We also have that little tag thingie, I think it's very handy.
Oct. 21st, 2003 05:01 pm (UTC)
Go ahead... Drink the scotch, I think you certainly deserve it. Hell.. I would join ya if I could.
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