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Woohoo! I survived everything life threw at me these past few days. Mom came with a friend of hers to redecorate my apartment (and to complain about the dust ;), a friend of mine came to help me with some DIY and in the mean time I ran four shifts at work. I can tell ya, being in charge of a McD's is a lot bleeping harder than one could imagine. You're a boss, teacher and police-officer all rolled into one. It's friggin' tough keeping all those 17-y-old kiddo's in line, let alone make them do a decent job!

But I'm OK, I'm calm now, I've been given a lot of food for thought. My own way of being nice and asking friendly has proven inadequate for this line of work. Time for me to get tougher, even though I've no idea how to BE tough :) I've been thrown into the deep end, I struggled and at least now I know what's expected of me, and any other shiftmanager. So whatever you do, don't laugh when I say I work at McD's. I should be given tons of respect, so there! Hah!

In other news: the fun fair is in town, and I'm a sucker for plush toys, so I'm afraid I'm gonna spend a small fortune to win a toy I could've bought in a toystore at half that price ;) Right, so, what do I need to get done these next few days? Gotta put some thoughts on paper regarding work, make an analysis of my own strengths and weaknesses. I've had a few rough days, but I won't let anyone get me down, I'm gonna fight to prove myself. I'm not the kind of guy that backs out of a job at the first signs of trouble.

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