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Monday: diet, diet, diet. Shake, cookie, muesli, soup, the works. Every hour on the hour. Also an hour on the bike (to work and back home) and my first appointment at the gym. Fittest: mediocre (no surprises there :). Trainer wants me to come in 3 times a week for cardio-training (bike, steps, glider, yech) and after 3 weeks we'll include some powertraining for my weak ankles and my sixpack (*snerk*)

In three months, I'll look like a God, an adonis, Don Juan incarnate. Or at least I'll have lost a few pounds. As long as I can survive all the treats that the holidays bring (eggnog, flapjacks, grandma's Xmas dinner) without gaining what I lost..... Plus the fact that the gym costs 50 Euros a month, but that only is an extra incentive to go as often as possible to get my money's worth ;)

Money. Ouch. New training outfit: 105 Euros. 10x tanning bed: 63 Euros. Gym: 50 Euros a month. Parents sponsor the diet stuff, and I can tell you, that stuff ain't cheap either. Never knew it was that expensive to lose weight in a responsible way.

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