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The weekend at an end.

Friday: recovery of Cigar gala. I'm still thinking of ritually burning the clothes I wore that night. They still reek of tobacco.

Saturday: went to parents. Got a bunch of the products they used to lose their incredible amounts of weight. Shakes, soups and cereals. Yum. We also visited friends who recently moved and decided to give away all the stuff they didn't need. So now I have a professional cooking knife set, a toolset in a briefcase, a new suitcase, lights that go with the dining table I got from them earlier, a leather bean bag, and other, smaller things.
Then mom lured me to a clothing store. I loathe shopping for clothes, but anyway, we came out 30 mins later with new shirt, shoes, jacket and pants. Looks nifty, have to admit....

Sunday: laziness and dieting. Eating a nibble every hour on the hour and drinking loads of water in between. All this while roomie fixes himself a kebab sandwich. Boohoo.
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