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I hang my head in shame and frustration. Yesterday, finally, for the first time in my life, I *really* wanted to change my life for the better. Not some half-hearted attempt to take the stairs in stead of the elevator. No, I really felt 'Today is the first day of the rest of my life'. I've already found a fitness and healthcenter where I can work out with professional supervision (I need that), and yesterday I went to a sports-shop to buy myself training-pants and some nifty new-technology-no-sweat-no-stick shirt to go along with it. To top it off I also went to a tanning-studio, made plans to go there every week and even took my first 20 minutes of artificial sunshine right there on the spot.

So.... I got the fitness-center, I got the outfit, I got the motivation (most important), I got the sunshine.

This morning I got up, showered and decided to take the bike to work instead of the car (even more yay for me). And that's where things went wrong. I skipped my breakfast (no yay) and got punished for it when I had to stop and wait at a traffic light. I went dizzy, saw stars and was short of breath for the better part of 3 minutes. At first, I got really scared. Then the dizziness went away and I resumed my way very, VERY slowly. Now I'm finally at my desk, head red like I just got back from hell, heart still thumping in my chest.

My body's sending me a warning. I just don't know how to read it. Either it's a) You have no condition, nor will you ever have one. Give up already. Or b) Whoah there, cowboy... You can't ride the wild bronco on day one. Nice and easy is the way to go.

I know the right answer is b, and that a is the easy way out. Still.... sometimes I wish I could take the path of the least resistance.

I will go through with this. Monday I can pick up my sportsgear (needed some adjustments) and monday night I'll get my fit-test at the studio. State of the Union, but then for my body. State of the Body, heh.

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