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And it's tuesday morning again... Update, random thoughts style.

- Canadian week in our restaurant last week wasn't the success we hoped it to be. Opening night was great with all the invitee's, but the rest of the week the guests kinda stayed away. Partly due to the fact that our magazine in which we featured an article on the week came out halfway during said week, in stead of two weeks in advance. Pity.

- Made a booboo last friday, giving guests a guided tour, then promising to make a reservation for them in the restaurant... and forgetting all about it. Wasn't too big a problem, until the commercial director got wind of it. Wanted to hear my explanation. 'I forgot. Sorry. Mea Culpa.' Stupid me.

- Weekend was lazy. Rick placed his PS2 in the livingroom again, which kills my productivity at home. At least managed to get my washing done in between Soul Calibur 2 and Timesplitters 2

- No radioshow this weekend (and the next). I still have to find out if the head DJ /slash/ owner became the proud father of a boy or a girl....

- Why do inkcartridges for printers have to be so bloody expensive?! 32 Euro's for black ink for crying out loud!

- Endemol's reign is coming to an end. The entertainment company that brought you Big Brother, Fear Factor and (I think) Expedition Robinson (aka survivor) has produced a few hi-profile flops this last year.
Star-exchange (a stock-exchange where players can gain and lose points by trading famous dutchies),
Masterplan (Players can win 100.000 Euros by giving up their daily life and placing their fate in the hands of the Master who orders them to do things through text messages on their mobile phone. I.e. Quit your job, leave your girlfriend, smuggle drugs) and finally:
The Bachelor. 30 single women battling for the love of The Bachelor. Screened by the TV company as the ideal man, he turned out to have lots of skeletons in his closet (womaniser, drug history, charges against him for sexual harassment, etc. etc.) At times like these I long back to the glory days of Wheel of Fortune and the Price is Right ;)

- The tapestries community is growing slowly. Don't be afraid to post, spread the word!

- This thursday I'll be doing a 18 hour double shift. Yep, that's right. First in Sales from 9am to 5pm, then waiting tables at the prestigious Grand Gala Du Cigare until 3am. Fun to have my old job back for one night, but WHY does it have to be at an event that celebrates the joys of tobacco. I'm a fanatic non-smoker >.< I know for a fact that the first floor of the hotel will look BLUE by the end of the night.

- Called in to a radiostation last night. 90's request week. Been a while since I heard Prodigy's Out of Space *boing* I'llTakeYourBrainToAnotherDimension!

- PC's humming 24/7 now to download all kinds of stuff. First episode of Frasier, First episode of Michael Moore's The Awful Truth, the ancient BBC's television series of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, few games, DJ applications and Terminator 3. That way I won't even have to spend money to rent Arnie's last flick.
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