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You wake up, your head full with ideas and plans for the coming day. At night, you've done absolutely nothing useful and bitch to yourself that you're a lazy [enter nasty word]. That sums up my day.... Surfing the net, gaming, D&D with my friends (They'll never cross a ropebridge again before asking what's underneath :), basically a day of rest and relaxation.

Mom called today to let me know she's coming over in two days to help me around the house. Which'll mean she wants to iron, clean, wash and cook. She's nuts :) All help is welcome when you live alone in an apartment, but mom's help always comes at impossible times. I have to work the coming days so I'll only see her in the morning and early afternoon. To make things even worse, she's gonna bring a friend of hers. I have this eerie sensation of returning home after a long day at the job, only to discover that the ladies have been redecorating. It's *my* house, dammit! Feel free to clean, but don't move the furniture around! I have a few hours tomorrow to make it LOOK like I clean my house regularly, and to hide a few erotic comicbooks ;)

Bleh, I feel like I have no energy. I need a real vacation. 2 weeks at least. It'll be a few months before I can try and ask for one. Double bleh.
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