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Today will henceforth be known as hectic friday. One of those days where you don't do your job, but your job does you. Lots of running around, errands, trying to reach unreachable people, and the list goes on and on.

Back home I find Roomie Rick pointing at me that it's my turn to make dinner, and right after dinner Roomie Martin pops in with his siamese twin Gerben (I call him the twin, since he seems glued to Martin. They're totally not gay, but sometimes I wonder if Martin ever takes a crap without Gerben around). Oh, and Martin still owes me 25 bucks and Rick 10.

Played Bloodbowl yesterday after way too long. Got defeated 1-2 by the local Dwarvish team after a few heroic moves and equally heroic blunders on my side.

No Radioshow this weekend. The station-owner's wife will be giving birth this weekend (the kid's already a week late), and since the studio is in the attic of his house, it would kinda ruin the privacy of young parenthood (it's their second kid though)

Next thursday, our hotel will host the 8th Grand Gala du Cigare. 450 people in black tie eating posh food and smoking fat cigars. And I got talked into helping as a waiter. Should be fun since I'm a fanatic non smoker. I'll probably end up gagging with my head sticking out of an open window...

Finished reading the War of Souls trilogy by Weis & Hickman. The next pill to swallow will be R.A. Salvatore's Legacy of the Drow quadrilogy. Is that English by the way? ;)

Apart from chores I'll have some time on my hands this weekend. Anyone got any plans where I can tag along?

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